Cherry Blossom

About Cherry

Cherry Blossom is a newly refurbished two bedroom detached home with beautiful spacious gardens located just outside of Farnham in Surrey; we are a short drive to local amenities and in the middle of the Surrey & Hampshire countryside.

The home is an Ofsted registered EBD home with a therapeutic approach. The home is managed by an experienced registered Manager and a committed team who adopt a positive and nurturing approach to the young people. All staff have regular supervision, clinical supervision and regular training. We have a robust induction plan for each new starter, following them successfully passing our safer recruitment checks and rigorous interview process. The home is set up to provide bespoke care for up to two young people of both sexes aged 10 to 18 years old.

Our small home enables the care to be centred around young people’s individual needs that will enable them to thrive in a homely environment with dedicated staff. The home can either operate as a solo placement or small group setting, which for some children is much easier to cope with than a larger residential setting. Our homes ethos is based on attachment theory, and we work with this model through therapeutic interventions to rebuild the bonds of attachment. We want all our young people to have a sense of belonging and the opportunity to work with the team to change and break negative behaviour and achieve positive outcomes.


What We Do

Our team actively listens to young people and gives them plenty of opportunities to express themselves and explore their emotions. We support young people to stay in touch with family and friends where possible or support them to rebuild fractured relationships.

We help them to access health services to ensure good physical and mental health; coupled with sign posting them to other services that can promote positive mental health.

We want our young people to feel included and proud of their culture, religion, and identity so we support them with this. We enjoy cooking and baking together, sharing celebrations and help young people to make and collect memories. We encourage young people to participate with planning meals, activities and join in with all their meetings. The team will encourage young people to do fun things which is important for building trusting relationships, wellbeing, and learning.

No matter the young persons age, we encourage tasks to help them develop their independent skills. This ranges from managing pocket money, learning to cooking and doing laundry.

Cherry Blossom


It is essential young people in our care have an education provider; this may be a home tutor, online learning, attend a local school or meet the criteria to be registered with our school, The Beech House School, based in West Molesey.

The team will actively encourage education but know that engaging can cause distress and difficulties due to past experiences, so we will be supportive with this and come up with creative ideas to increase engagement. Education meetings will be planned and supported by staff or management, to ensure the learning needs of young people are being met

Cherry Blossom


We know that it is a stressful experience for young people moving to a new home. We do all we can to involve them, their families, social workers and other professionals in making a flexible plan for their arrival.

In most cases, we prefer for young people from nearby local authorities to join us, so we can maintain existing connections with friends, family, professionals and schools. We like having good relationships with local authorities and working together.

Once we receive a referral, our Registered Manager will assess all the information and check we can meet the needs of the young person. If we can meet their needs, the Manager will hold a planning meeting to discuss the plan. Wherever possible, we will arrange to visit the young person in their current home and arrange for them to come and visit our home, see their potential new bedroom, and meet the team. However, we do also take emergency and respite placements if we have capacity to do so, and this matches the home at the time